The Penthouse Collection

“As an international real estate investor, Cameron accommodated my inquiries at any time of day. He’s extremely meticulous while his knowledge of the market is invaluable.”

— Chad F.

Your Right-Hand Man

As a Trained Negotiator, I add clarity to a process that is rife with options but high on data-driven guidance. By working hands-on with investors through every step, I ensure they get the best price and terms for their purchase.

What Does Your Investment Look Like?

Your First Investment

With the right help, becoming an investor is simple. I’ll guide you from novice investor to multi-property homeowner with confidence.

An Investment For The Future

Buying a property for later in life? I’ll help you find the unit that will earn you the highest income until you’re ready to move in.

A Portfolio Addition

Ready to expand your investment collection? I’ll show you how to add to your portfolio and help you manage it without feeling overwhelmed.

Financial Direction

With 10+ years of experience in the real estate industry and a background in finance, I have an established knowledge of the investment process, nuanced pricing strategies, and financial planning needed to see long-term, large-scale success.

The Search

Location, suite layout, amenities, builder reputation — all of these criteria will impact your investment income, resale value, and ROI. I’ll use my knowledge of local inventory and insight into the area to help you secure the best possible unit.

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Full-Service Property Management

Whether you want to be hands-on or hands-off in your investment, my services are tailored to fit you. I can lead you through the process, help you find the right unit, obtain a qualified tenant, and manage the property through automated management services.

Climbing The Ladder

I don’t look at each purchase or sale as a stand-alone transaction. I see and strategize for the long-term, with each move another piece that adds to your financial gain as a property owner. From the first purchase to the ultimate sale.

Simple Steps. Outstanding Results.

See how stress-free becoming a real estate investor can be. Take the first step by arranging a consultation with me today.

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