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Toronto History Made Modern in Liberty Village

Liberty Village is the epitome of ‘Toronto Cool,’ with many exciting amenities providing the best possible backdrop for those seeking a hip and trendy lifestyle. New developments and revitalization in the area continue to make Liberty Village one of the most sought-after Toronto neighbourhoods around. 

The Properties

Like its close neighbour, King West, Liberty Village is home to covetable modern condos and new luxury high-rise builds. Floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed brick, and open-concept living are popular features here. Many old factories and warehouses from the past have been transformed into trendy lofts and condos. 

Stunning modern glass and steel condo buildings provide a breathtaking contrast to the neighbourhood’s older buildings, resulting in a vibrant and unique cityscape unlike any other. Liberty Village also prominently features lower-rise buildings and a peppering of new townhouses for those seeking a home closer to the ground. 

With its closeness to Downtown and other luxurious neighbourhoods like King West, you would expect Liberty Village to be expensive, however, in many cases, condo prices are slightly lower than the average in Toronto, making Liberty Village a great place to invest or get your foot in the door with real estate. 

The Neighbours

With its unique architecture and modern amenities, Liberty Village is a popular neighbourhood for young professionals, particularly those who work in entertainment, tech, and the arts. The neighbourhood’s raw, urban vibe mixed with high-end luxury and uniqueness attracts artistic types and those who wish to live and work in the same area. 


Neighbourhood Location

Convenience with a Creative Flair in Liberty Village

For young professionals seeking a neighbourhood that combines aesthetics and convenience, Liberty Village checks all the boxes. From its beautiful, industrial-style buildings to its exciting vibe and trendy shops and eateries, Liberty Village has everything you’re looking for. 

As the area continues to bolster its residential and commercial offerings, Liberty Village is quickly becoming one of the most promising neighbourhoods in Toronto for purchasing a home. 

The Amenities

  • Schools
  • Transportation
  • Safety
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Entertainment


Although mostly known for housing young professionals, Liberty Village residents have access to several schools in the area. Both public and private, French and English, parents in Liberty Village can rest assured that their children have access to exceptional educational services. 

Local Schools Include:


Many people are drawn to Liberty Village because of its proximity to almost every imaginable amenity. As a result, many residents choose to walk to work, grocery stores, the gym, you name it. However, it’s also fairly easy for Liberty Village residents to get to other Toronto neighbourhoods. The Exhibition Go Station and Toronto Streetcar are minutes away, and the brand-new King-Liberty pedestrian/cycle bridge provides easy access to King West. 

The nearest public transit stops are:

Outdoor Recreation

As part of its unique vibe, Liberty Village also contains several parks and green spaces including dog parks, splash pads, playgrounds, and walking trails. It’s close to Toronto’s waterfront trail, which is excellent for jogging and cycling. 

Local parks and green spaces include:


As a home to many creative professionals, Liberty Village is known for its trendy eateries and coffee shops, unique boutiques, and fantastic galleries. Like its neighbour, King West, Liberty Village is a vibrant and bustling community where there is always something going on. However, the entertainment here has a slightly more gritty, industrial feel than in other communities.


Liberty Village dining is made for the adventurous eater. With a diverse directory of fantastic eateries, Liberty Village delivers no matter what you’re craving. Whether you’re the brunch connoisseur ready to line up for the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever seen at School or you prefer a quick bite with an eastern influence at Ono Poke Bar, there’s something here for you. 

Home to many trendy coffee shops and low-key bars, Liberty Village dining has a relaxed atmosphere. There are several breweries in the area, like the Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery, and the neighbourhood is even home to the Summer Craft Beer Festival. 


Liberty Village is known more for its unique arts and culture, but sports fans still have quick and easy access to venues like the Rogers Centre and Scotiabank Arena for sporting events and concerts. 


In addition to being a favourite spot for the artistic type, Liberty Village residents also like to stay fit. The neighbourhood has a variety of fitness facilities, gyms, and boutique fitness studios to choose from. Whether you’re training hard at F45, testing your strength and agility at Joe Rockheads Indoor Rock Climbing, or feeling the zen at Pure Yoga Toronto, there are many ways to keep fit in Liberty Village.


Known for its eclectic mix of galleries and unique furniture stores, shopping in Liberty Village is perfect for those looking for stand-out items to express their artistic side. However, in addition to unique boutiques, there are also larger shopping chains in the neighbourhood. Shopping centres like Liberty Market provide convenient access to retail staples. 

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