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History Comes Alive in St. Lawrence Market

A diverse population, excellent amenities, and unique architectural cues make St. Lawrence Market an ideal neighbourhood for those looking to capture the essence of Toronto with convenience, comfort, and style. 

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The Properties

St. Lawrence Market is a diverse community with a range of residential and commercial buildings. Many of the existing apartments, condos, and townhouses were built by some of the most accomplished architects in the country. Many of the building facades feature beautiful red brick, a trend you’ll notice throughout the entire neighbourhood. However, like much of the rest of downtown Toronto, the condo boom has also seen the construction of brand-new glass and steel condo buildings in the area to contrast some of the older architecture. These buildings are modern and luxurious with spacious rooms and open-concept living spaces. 

The Neighbours

Unlike other downtown neighbourhoods such as The Entertainment District or King West, St. Lawrence Market is known as a family-friendly community. Residents come from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds, creating a diverse community of mixed-income that simply, works. In fact, St. Lawrence Market has been praised as a success in urban planning for this specific reason. And, as a result, it has served as the blueprint for many other mixed-use communities across North America. 

Family-Friendly, Downtown Living at its Finest in St. Lawrence Market

With a range of properties and populations, St. Lawrence Market is a wonder in modern urban planning. As home to the world-famous St. Lawrence Market, this community weaves a rich tapestry with diverse people, food, and activities. If you’re looking for an exciting and interesting community in the heart of downtown Toronto, St. Lawrence Market is the place for you. 

The Amenities

  • Schools
  • Transportation
  • Safety
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Entertainment


St. Lawrence Market is centrally located and walkable with considerable access to public transportation. The area is bordered by major roads like The Gardiner Expressway to the south and Front Street to the north. Yonge Street and Parliament Street make up the east and west borders, providing easy access to get around. 

The nearest public transit stops are:


The community is often heralded as a success in urban planning, although the area has a diverse population from ranging backgrounds, the area is still family-friendly and safe. Several safety services nearby provide peace of mind that help is never far away in the case of an emergency.

The nearest safety facilities include:

Outdoor Recreation

Although located in the heart of downtown, St. Lawrence Market offers plenty of green space and opportunities to enjoy nature. Shaded with mature trees, wading pools, and playgrounds, David Crombie Park is one of the top spots for families to enjoy. In addition to the beautiful local parks, the community is within walking distance of dog parks, ball diamonds, basketball courts, and picnic facilities.

Local parks and green spaces include:


To say that food is the focus in St. Lawrence Market would be an understatement. It’s woven into the history of the community. In 1803,  Lieutenant Governor Peter Hunter declared the area to be a “market block.” But it wasn’t until the 1970s when David Crombie, the mayor of Toronto at the time, set the groundwork for the food-centric St. Lawrence Market we know today.


The St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood has a plethora of dining options–many of them contained in the iconic St. Lawrence Market concourse itself. With seemingly limitless options for quick bites and interesting international cuisine, you can satisfy almost any craving here. Try Barsa Taberna for an exciting take on Spanish tapas or the iconic, Mustachio in the lower level of the market for an outstanding veal sandwich. Other local favourites include Le Papillion on Front for casual french dining or Market Street Catch for fresh and delicious seafood.


If you love cooking as much as you love dining out, St. Lawrence Market has excellent resources. In addition to the fantastic food shops in the market, you can also enjoy cooking lessons and activities through The Market Kitchen. This expansive kitchen and event space offers numerous events such as classes, beer nights, afternoon tea, and more. It’s a wonderful community amenity that many locals take advantage of. 


Staying fit and active in St. Lawrence Market is easy with accessible fitness services and gyms. The St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre is a modern facility with family-friendly amenities such as squash courts, a weight room, games room, piano room, and more. 


There’s more than just food for sale in St. Lawrence Market. The market is also home to numerous independent vendors carrying everything from clothes and accessories to home goods and more. If you prefer an eclectic style and love supporting small businesses, St. Lawrence Market has you covered. 

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