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The Infamous Cityplace Bridge:

You ever drive on the Gardiner, look towards the city and see this bridge connecting two buildings in CityPlace? For years Concord kept this behind wraps making it one of Toronto’s best kept real estate secrets. And finally, without further ado welcome to The Grand Bridge Suite built by Concord.

Suspended between two structures on either side, there is no ground beneath you and nothing but the sky up above. 

What you need to know

  • Currently on the market for $4.5 million.
  • 3 Floors.
  • 33 stories up.
  • l80 degrees of lake views
  • 4,168 square feet of living space and a private 823 square foot terrace – like a resort.
  • Being sold fully furnished – the interior design, finishes and furnishings was executed by Olivia Lam, the Principal of LIV Design Studio in Vancouver.
  • It’s enclosed in the glass-and-steel SkyBridge along the city skyline.
  • Within the structure is two suites – the Grant Bridge Suite is the bigger of the two.
  • Listed by Jenny Dong Prompton Real estate

Unlike any other luxury condo in Toronto

Out of all the condos I’ve seen in my years serving the Toronto real estate market I’ve never seen anything like the Grand Bridge Suite.

How they did it

First, the SkyBridge was designed and built on the ground (you know, at the elevation where most of us spend the bulk of our lives). Side note: While the Grand Suite is the real showstopper, the SkyBridge actually houses two condo units, together known as The Bridge Suites. When it was time to hoist the massive bridge into its final position in June 2012, Project Manager at PCL Construction, Romeo Llamzon, was actually recorded saying, “I’m 99.9% sure we’ll make it.” What was the other 0.1% for? Heavy winds…which, fortunately, never came.

Through what’s known as a strand jacking technique, the SkyBridge was raised up between the two completed towers that hold it in its position today, Parade One and Parade Two in Concord CityPlace. 

Take a walk with me

As you enter, you’re greeted by a cathedral-ceilinged front foyer.

From there you’re led into the primary living space and two upper levels. On the main floor you’ll find an open concept kitchen, dining, living room and den featuring a gorgeous double-sided fireplace. Your guests can stay in the extra bedroom, and any time, you can cozy up to a great book in your reading nook or enjoy a little solitude in the piano room.

On the second level, you’ll find another bedroom and full laundry. 

Finally, on the third level is the main bedroom and ensuite, sunroom, indoor bar and private terrace. In your stunning outdoor space, you’re free to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of your surroundings. To the north, you take in the city in all its concrete splendour. To the south, the deep blue waters of Lake Ontario as far as the eye can see.

From floor-to-ceiling windows and hardwood floors, to accented diagonal steel trusses, sparkling modern light fixtures, marble finishes and decadent soaker tubs, this truly spectacular suite leaves little to the imagination.

Want to book a Showing or want more info on the Grand Bridge Suite? Give me a shout.